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For Parents


Mums, Dads, partners and Grandparents all enjoy these courses. They are accessed at Ourplace, which also provides a free family space to make a virtual memory box for each child..

  1. Online course for all parents of children aged 6 months to 18 years ‘Understanding your child’
  2. Antenatal online course ‘Journey to Parenthood: Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby.’ Mums, Dads and partners enjoy this course. If Dad can’t get to an antenatal group this course has all the antenatal information he will need. It can also be bought as a baby shower gift for a friend or as a gift for a grandparent or member of the ‘birth team’ .
  3. Postnatal online course ‘Understanding your baby’ ready soon.

Type of training:

online course

Typical length:

Depends on course

Aim of training:

To support the emotional health and well-being of children and their families.

Example content:

Depends on course


Depends on course

Pre-training knowledge:



Parents, grandparents, partners, carers