We have a range of trainings available for practitioners, all of which are cascadable.

We can deliver the training to your staff at your workplace.

You can organise a training for your staff to then cascade to more practitioners.

You can also organise training for practitioners so that they can facilitate Solihull Approach groups for parents.

You can build in a Refresher day and Solihull Approach PLUS seminars to support theory into practice and to build on the 2 Day Foundation Training knowledge.

We have grouped the Trainings by “type” below. If you’d rather view them by who are they for click here and then scroll down the page.


Two Day Foundation Training


Whole School Training


Early Years Foundation Stage


Group Facilitators Training


Combined Foundation and Group Facilitators Training


Train Others to Facilitate Groups


Train Others to Train Others


Solihull Approach Plus Seminars




Peer Breastfeeding Supporter Training


Face to Face Parenting Group


Online Course