Ourplace is for parents. It is your online place to gain access to resources about becoming a parent or being a parent. It provides a free space to create your own memory box for each of your children, starting as early as the scan picture or a photo of the ‘bump’.


You can send photos from your mobile to easily keep the memory box updated for you and your child. You can comment on photos to provide lasting memories and you can favourite any special photos.

You can choose which members of your family or close friends you would like to share the memory box with and if you have more than one child you can create access for different people for each  child.


Through Ourplace you can access free downloads, such as information on Developmental and Emotional Milestones

We select only the best material that is based upon expert and credible research and make it more easily available to you.

Our online courses are accessed at Ourplace. You can buy a course for yourself or as a gift for your partner, friend or relative here.

The Solihull Approach ‘Understanding your child’ online course is a well-established and trusted way of understanding more about your child. ‘Understanding your child’ is for mums and dads and grandparents or anyone around your child. It was the first to receive the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark. Parents often say they feel calmer, more confident and have a better relationship with their child. The courses were developed in the NHS together with frontline practitioners from all sectors and with parents.     Buy Here

The online antenatal course is about becoming a parent. ‘Prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and having a relationship with your baby’ has content by Registered Midwives and Health Professionals. The course has been designed for everyone in your ‘birth team': mum to be, dad to be, birth partner, partner, grandparent etc.       Buy Here

An online postnatal course will be available soon.

(Our group for parents ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’ is run in different areas of the UK and some are run internationally. Contact your health visitor, children’s centre or Family Information Service to find out if they are run in your local area or go to Ourplace to see if there are any groups registered near you.)

Many mothers, fathers and families have contributed to the development of the courses and we hope you enjoy understanding more about your child as a result.

Online Courses Available

‘Understanding your child’

Our engaging award winning online course for parents will help you to be the best dad, mum or carer that you can be whatever the age of your child! Access through Ourplace at www.inourplace.co.uk

The course includes finding out about your child’s brain development and how it affects behaviour. It helps you understand more about why your child behaves a certain way when they are angry, having a temper tantrum or trouble sleeping. You will also learn the importance of playing for your child’s development.

The sessions include:

• interactive activities
• quizzes
• video clips
• practical handouts
• other parents’ views
• ideas to try with your children
• summaries

Consisting of 13 Modules, most taking about 20 minutes, the course can be done at a time and place that suits you and fits into your family life.

The Modules:

• How your child develops
• Understanding how your child is feeling
• Tuning into what your child needs
• Responding to how your child is feeling
• Different styles of parenting
• Having fun together
• The rhythm of interaction
• Why is sleep important?
• Self-regulation and anger
• Communication and tuning in
• Looking back and looking forwards

You will be able to write down your comments and thoughts in a notebook, which you can download as well as information sheets which you can keep to refer back to. You can also revisit the course at any time.

How do I access the online course?

For parents or carers

To buy your own copy for £39 click here.

For organisations or agencies

If you would like to purchase multiple copies of the Solihull Approach online course for parents and carers contact us. We will then arrange to invoice you and enable access. Discounts for multiple purchases are available.

‘Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’

Our online antenatal course ‘Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’ is accessed at www.inourplace.co.uk

To buy your own copy for £19 click here

For organisation or agencies

If you would like to purchase multiple copies of the Solihull Approach antenatal online course for parents and carers, contact us. We will then arrange to invoice you and enable access. Discounts for multiple purchases are available.